Why us

Why US


Switching to Astro Energy is easy! It’s just like changing your internet plan from one carrier to another, but with Astro Energy you don’t have to sign a long-term contract or pay signup or exit fees.

Help a charity of your choice:

We sell the same electricity and natural gas, through the same lines as everybody else, but what makes us totally different is that 10% of our profit goes to the charity that you select – at zero extra cost to you. You are already paying your utility bills, so why not help a deserving charity too?
Learn more about our charities here.
Thanks for saving money and supporting your community! That’s how you “ENERGIZE YOUR COMMUNITY”!

Competitive floating rates, no contract, no cancellation fees, and no security deposit:

Astro Energy is pleased to offer our customers floating rates for electricity and natural gas. These rates are based on the direct wholesale cost of energy which fluctuates month to month based on market conditions.

Did you know that floating rates have historically been better for Albertans? To compare floating vs fixed rates, check out the Utilities Consumer Advocate

Our competitive floating rates aren’t tied to a contract! They also have no cancellation fees and don’t require security deposits. That’s good business and it saves you time, money, and hassles!

Support your local economy:

We are based locally, we have marketing teams in Fort McMurray and other Alberta cities and our customer service is in Calgary. We believe in helping support Alberta’s economy by creating jobs locally.